Monday, April 20, 2009

Hotel Boom

From what I saw, there are three broad catagories of busses in Korea, like pretty much everywhere else. The Tour Bus, the Express Bus, and the City bus. At the Incheon International Airport, we could have boarded any one of these three types of busses. We chose a city bus to take us over the causeway into the city of Incheon, to the neighborhood around Soo Bong Park, and Jemulpo Metro Station. We were familiar with this area from our last trip to Korea, in 2001. Her youngest brother, and his wife had lived about four blocks from the metro station there, and we were hoping to find them at the new address nearby, that we had from a letter received last year. Exhaustion from our long day of traveling set in about half way through this bus ride. The driver told us when we were at the stop nearest to Jemulpo Station, and we got off, and hailed a taxi. It's so cool to be able to just flag down a taxi. That's one of the great things about Korean citys - the inexpensive, and plentiful taxis. Realizing how tired we were, and not wanting to try to find the little brothers apartment just now, we told the taxi driver to just take us to a good hotel. A few blocks later we found ourselves being let off in front of the Hotel Boom. All of the street signs, highway signs, place names, building names, and most other informational signage in Korea has the English translation written along side, or above, or below the Korean writing. Sure makes it easier for the foreign, English speaking traveler to get around. That's how I knew we were staying at the Hotel Boom. It was in written English, in big neon letters on top of the building, and above the front door. Forty thousand Korean wan equals about twenty seven dollars for the night, in a very nice, clean, and comfortable room. We parked our luggage, and went out for some dinner before turning in. Just a half a block from the hotel, we found a nice little "Mom & Pop" style restaurant. Korean citys seem to be filled with all kinds of restaurants, from tiny little holes in the wall, to big, fancy places, and everything in between. It was never hard for us to find a good variety of places to choose from. After a good "home cooked" meal, we went back to our room, showered, and fell soundly asleep. It had been close to thirty hours since we had last been to bed, earlier "that morning", back at our house in Dallas, when we awoke at five a.m. to get ready to leave.
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