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Terlingua/Big Bend, Day 6

Sunday, November 8, 2009

We all woke up early to a cool, gray, and cloudy day. No one was making breakfast this morning, because most of the campers were packing up to head home. Ok Hwa and I were staying on for another day. We didn't want to be part of the crowd headed up highway 118 towards Alpine, and get caught up in the long wait at the Border Patrol check-point there. We had scheduled another day of vacation time to enjoy one more day in Terlingua. We helped the others get their stuff packed up, and as the sun was coming up over the Chisos, I shot a short video of the scene from our hilltop campsite. I took some more pictures as they were breaking camp. When they were all done and packed up, we all went down to the main pavilion of the Chili Cook-Off, to the mural of the Singing Frogs. We have a Sunday morning tradition of getting a farewell group photo, and this time, for a change, we decided to do it in front of the Singing Frogs. It turned out great! Here is a short video of our Sunday morning breaking camp, and photo session (the leopardskin pumps hanging on a light pole was just a bonus I discovered on the way back up to the campsite - some poor gal was probably hung over from the night before, wondering where she left her shoes!):

After the amigos left for home, Ok Hwa and I set out exploring the area behind the Chili Cook-Off grounds. There are a number of dirt roads that lead off to the west and south. We found a few nice homesteads out there, and took some pictures. Then we headed over to the Terlingua Airport, turned down Fulcher road for the back way over to Study Butte. This road crosses Terlingua Creek, and we stopped for some more photos there. We stopped at the Study Butte Store for snacks and water, then headed down into the Park.

I decided I'd take her up to the Lost Mine Trail for a nice little farewell photo safari. It turned out to be the perfect choice. We only went up the trail as far as marker 10, which is about half way. It's an easy walk to this point, without too much vertical climbing, and the view from here is one of the best in the park. Ok Hwa loved it! It was just the right amount of hiking for her, and the picture taking along the way was excellent. Here is a short video and slide show of our hike up Lost Mine Trail:

After our little photo safari up Lost Mine Trail, we headed back to Terlingua, with a stop by the coin-op showers, as usual. We went back to our camp on the hill to relax for a while, then headed over to Terlingua Ghost Town. Watching the sun set on the Chisos from the front porch of the Terlingua Trading Company is a daily ritual for many folks around here, and I always enjoy it when I can. As it was getting dark, we drifted over to the Starlight Theatre for dinner. I've never had a bad meal at the Starlight, and we always try to eat there at least once while we're in Terlingua. Here is a little photo slide show of our morning and evening in Terlingua:

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