Friday, April 23, 2010

Home Again

We are back home from the trip to Korea. All went well, and we touched down at DFW at about 08:25 yesterday morning. Now, we're just dealing with the jet lag. For any of you who have not traveled to the other side of the world on a jet airplane, jet lag is a real thing. It takes your body about four days to adjust to the new time zone. I struggled to stay awake 'till six p.m. yesterday, and almost made it. We both woke up at midnight, and have been awake ever since. I'm going to try to make it 'till eight o'clock toninght.

Over in Korea, I couldn't get an internet connection out where we were staying, so each evening I wrote up my account of the day in a word processor document, then saved them to the computer. I will be posting them here to the blog over the next several days, with photos and videos.

For today, I will leave you with this little teaser video. This was the scene out back, over the garden wall of Mrs. Kim's house. That rooster started crowing around five-thirty every morning.

Official Website for Korea Tourism:

Official Website for Tourism in Gangwon-do Province:

Official Website for Tourism in Gangneung City:

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