Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

Monday, November 8, 2010

After leaving Terlingua Ranch, we drove down into Study Butte, to stop at the bank and the Study Butte Mall. We needed to hit the ATM for cash, and the Study Butte Store for road munchies for our afternoon in Big Bend Park. The Study Butte Store is my favorite store anywhere! 

Stocked up with gas and supplies, we headed down into the park. We decided on Ross Maxwell scenic drive on the west side of the park. This is a beautiful drive along the western edge of the Chisos Mountains, through the desert and down to the Rio Grande River at Castolon, and Santa Elena Canyon.

We stopped at the beautiful overlook at the Homer Wilson Ranch, then headed down to the Mule Ears Peaks overlook. After taking lots of pictures, we got back on the road and drove on down to Castolon. 

Coming into Castolon, the most prominent feature is the majestic Cerro Castellan, a large, flat topped mountain standing alone in the desert. I always like to take a good picture of Castellan when I'm in the area - it's just so beautiful.

Our favorite thing to do in Castolon is to buy an ice cream, and eat it on  the porch of the store. From the porch, there is a beautiful view across the desert to Santa Elena Canyon. 


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