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KNON Thanksgiving Blues Broadcast

Thursday, November 25, 2010
Our Community Radio Station, KNON 89.3 FM here in Dallas, has been broadcasting a semi-annual Thanksgiving Day edition of Blue Lisa's "Big Texas Blues" program. Lisa does the Thursday morning show on the station's morning R&B line-up, so it naturally falls to her to be broadcasting on Thanksgiving Day. A few years ago, she got an idea to have a big live broadcast   featuring some of the local blues artists. Her show is three hours, from 9:00 A.M. until noon, so it is billed as a Thanksgiving breakfast/brunch. One of the local eateries is tapped to cater the event, the station sells fifty tickets at $20.00 a head, and everyone is happy. The station makes some money, the caterer gets some advertising and new patrons, the artists get some good exposure and a chance to sell some merchandise, the broadcast audience is treated to some excellent programming, and the in-studio audience gets to get up close and personal with some great performances. What's not to love?

Ok Hwa and I have been volunteering to work the event since it's beginning. We get a free meal out of the deal, and a chance to see some very good live music. This year I decided to try to video the whole event. I almost succeeded. My video camera battery died during the first song of Greg Smith's set. I Plugged it in to recharge for about fifteen minutes, and was able to finish up getting all of Jackie Don Loe's set. My apologies to Greg Smith for the battery issues. 

This year's line-up was as follows: 
  1. Opening set by the Reverend K.M. Williams, including a duet with Blue Lisa 
  2. Aaron Burton
  3. J Mac
  4. Greg Smith accompanied by J Mac
  5. Closing set by Jackie Don Loe

The food was catered this year by The Alligator Cafe' here in Dallas, one of the finest Cajun seafood restaurants anywhere.

Links to Artists, Videos, and Photos:
KNON Community Radio 89.3 FM in Dallas, TX 

J Mac's blog post about this event

Reverend K. M. Williams

Aaron Burton

J Mac

Greg Smith

Jackie Don Loe

My Videos of the Event

My Photo Slideshow of the Event


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