Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gyeongpo Beach and Lake

The Gyeongpo Beach and Lake area is one of our favorite spots in Gangneung City. We went there on three different days during our stay with Mrs. Kim. It is about half way from downtown Gangneung to the Sacheon Valley road, off highway 7. It's about three miles east of the highway over to the beach, and along this road you pass along the north side of Gyeongpo Lake.

I've never seen an ocean and a lake so close together. This is one of the most fascinating things about this place. The ocean and the lake are separated by only about two hundred yards of sand, and some pine trees. The pine trees are another interesting feature. I've never been to a beach with pine trees so close, right out on the sand.

Near where the lake and ocean are closest, there is a concentration of seafood shops, restaurants, hotels, and night clubs. Along the road from the highway there are other attractions, including the Edison Gramophone Museum, The Historic Automobile Museum, Gyeongpodae Pavilion, several historic lakeside homes, the March 1 Independence Movement Memorial, and the Hall Of Korean Cultural Experience. The lake and the grounds around it are a large city park. There is a wide paved pathway around the lake for the many people who stroll and bicycle around it.

During our time there in early April, the weather was perfect, and all the trees and flowers were in full bloom. The city has planted rows of beautiful white blooming trees along either side of the road from highway 7 over to the beach, and many people came out to see them, and stroll along by the lake. The area was always thronged with tourists visiting the lake and attractions. Many bus loads of tourists came to visit the two museums, and Gyeongpodae Pavilion. It never felt crowded to us, though. The beach itself was not nearly as popular as the lake and it's attractions, however. Ok Hwa told me, and I figured as much, that it was a bit early in the year for the beach to be very crowded. It was still too cool to swim in the ocean or sunbathe on the beach.

We liked strolling along the beach, though. There is a nice board walk along the beach, and through the pine trees behind the beach as well. There is a little road that parallels the beach, just behind the pine trees, and all the ocean front hotels, boutiques, night clubs, and restaurants are there.

Gyeongpo is a busy tourist area within the city of Gangneung, but also a beautiful natural setting. It's natural beauty is carefully maintained by the city, and all who work and play there. The Koreans really respect their environment, and are careful not to spoil it.

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