Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Korean Mini Tractor

Anyone who has followed this blog this far, and clicked on the photo links, has probably become aware of my fascination with these little tractors. Well, I'm fascinated with all farm tractors, but these are the coolest, tough little tractors I've ever come across.

On our last trip to Korea in 2001, there seemed to be more of them about. There are still plenty of them around, however, especially in the rural areas.

I've seen them used by city parks department grounds keeping crews at Gyeongpo Lake, and by road maintenance crews. Mostly, though, they are the tool of the small farmer all over Korea.

The front, engine section dis-connects from the back part, and a variety of different implements can be fitted for different tasks. They seem to mostly be used in the wagon configuration these days, but I have seen plows, roto-tillers, sprayers, and pumps attached to the back. They are a great, versatile little power source for the small farmer.

For a slide show of mini tractor photos, click here:

For a video of a mini tractor, click here:

The official website of the Republic of Korea:

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