Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chillin' In Gangneung - Monday & Tuesday, April 19 & 20, 2010

Our trip is winding down, and we are thinking about preparing for the journey home. We spent these two days not doing much. Both days we went into town on the 12:15 bus, just to get out of the house, and do a little light shopping.

Actually, on Monday I did a bit more than light shopping. We went over to the D/C Dollar Store, where I spent about fifty-five dollars on some gifts for folks back home. They were bulky and heavy, so we had the bright idea to go to the Post Office and mail them home. A friendly and helpful young man there helped me get everything packaged up. He had to do some custom work on one of the packages, but eventually he had everything ready to go. The young lady behind the counter figured it all up. It was over one hundred dollars to mail this stuff back home. I wasn't surprised, but I was hoping it would be less expensive.

With the heavy lifting out of the way, we were now free to take it easy. The rest of Monday, we just strolled the market area, picking up a few food items for back at the house.

Tuesday morning before we went into town, I was bored enough to watch one of the movies I brought with me. It was "Stagecoach", with John Wayne, Andy Devine, and John Caradine. What an excellent movie.

In town, we had coffee and a donut in one of the nice coffee shops, then wandered the Jungang Market for a while. I followed one of the little lanes all the way south 'til we came to the river. It was only three blocks away. At the river there is a levee with a street running along the top. There is a passageway through the levee at ground level, to allow people and cars to go from one side to the other. Through the passageway on the river side, there is a parking lot, and a walkway along the riverbank. Looking back at the passageway from the river side, I saw a large metal door elevated up above the passageway opening on this side. I guess that if the river reaches flood stage, they can lower this door to save the Jungang Market from flooding. The river at this spot is wide, but not very deep.

After a little more browsing, we headed over to the bus stop. There we had one of the dollar hamburgers from the little stand there. They were small, but quite good, and definitely worth the dollar. We were just in time for the 15:00 bus back to Sacheon Valley.