Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shotgun Party

On Friday, June 18 I arrived to the studio on KNON Community Radio's "Texas Renegade Radio" show to find my friend and the show's host Mark Mundy spinning his opening tune, "The William Tell Overture" (theme song of "The Lone Ranger" TV Show). It was a fun surprise to find a band in there also, tuning up. The three piece band was Shotgun Party from Austin, Texas. The band members are Jenny Parrott on guitar and vocals, Andrew Austin Petersen on bass fiddle, and Katy Rose Cox on fiddle and vocals. Jenny Parrott also writes all the band's original songs. What a cool group of very good musicians they are. They were in town to play at the Allgood Cafe on Main St. in Deep Elum that night, and had stopped by the station to give our audience a little taste of the live performance.

After the introductions, they launched into Jenny's song "Touched His Heart":

Now, that was fun, but the next song will knock your socks off. It's the classic Harry Woods penned "What A Little Moonlight Can Do", made famous by Billie Holiday, Nancy Wilson, and others:

Man, that was some wicked fiddling by Katy and Andrew!

They finished up the in-studio set with another song by Jenny, "Paints A Yates":

We went out to the Allgood Cafe later that night to see the full version of the live show. What a fun night of music, along with some great food from the kitchen of the Allgood.

So, there you have it, a handsome and charming group of very talented young musicians, who write good songs, pick great songs to cover, and put on a killer live show - what's not to love?

We also bought a copy of one of their Cd's at the show, "Mean Old Way", pictured above, and it's equally good.

Great, fun music live or via recording, you wont be disappointed. Listen and enjoy!

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